Endorsement, as used by the Chaplaincy Committee, is an official act of E.C. Endorsing Agent and the committee on behalf of the E.C. Church to verify to any Federal agency that the person applying to be a chaplain is fully qualified, competent to serve that agency and in good standing with the parent denomination, codified in an official document or letter.

Endorsement is required for full-time military and VA Chaplaincy, as well as for serving in the Reserves or National Guard. Endorsement by the Chaplaincy Committee is valid for one year. it can be renewed at the end of each year. it is the responsibility of the chaplain to request an endorsement. Those who are endorsed for chaplaincy will be required at a minimum to submit annual reports to the Endorser and the Bishop.

The denomination can pull a chaplain’s endorsement at any time if necessary due to any of the following reasons: (1) the chaplain decides to change denominations, (2) the chaplain violates the beliefs or moral practices of the endorsing denomination, or is convicted of a crime or misconduct by the service, (3) the chaplain leaves the service organization, (4) the chaplain is needed by the denomination to serve a parish at home.

Those serving a full-time position as chaplain in a school or nursing home or hospital may or may not need to be officially endorsed depending on the hiring organization. They will at least need to be approved by the Bishop.

Those applying to a Chaplain Candidate Program offered by any of the services branches need the approval of the Chaplaincy Committee.

Persons serving in a part-time, voluntary chaplain position such as with a police force, fire company, prison, or other organization or business do not need an endorsement, though they may require approval by the denomination or the Bishop.