1. To assist the Bishop to cast the vision for the denomination in keeping with God’s mission for his church.
  2. To assess local church needs and potential for missional alignment within our current culture setting.
  3. To deliver up-to-date theological approaches in order to provide missional alignment for our churches.
  4. To assist churches in staying the course that will ultimately translate missional alignment to our current culture setting.
  5. To facilitate discussions among pastors and church leaders in district cohorts about missional alignment within our cultural setting.

The Community will:

  1. Discuss the latest missional alignment concepts – stirring the team’s thinking through reading books and exploring web-related resources together.
  2. Discuss opportunities and solutions for missional alignment in our cultural setting.
  3. Discuss issues derived from district cohorts concerning missional alignment.
  4. Explore together missional alignment for congregations in our cultural setting.
  5. Focus a segment of the National Conference gathering to missional alignment – providing a district or national level speaker as requested.

The Scope of the Community’s Agenda:

  • Faith & Doctrine Committee
    • ​The committee is to provide clear, concise and contemporary doctrinal statements that accurately reflect the Articles of Faith. It is also available to review, restate, and through recommendation to the National Conference, expand the spiritual, moral and social standards. The committee shall be vigilant and develop for recommendation to the National Conference position papers that respond to pressing contemporary moral and social concerns.
  • Heritage Committee
    • ​The purpose of the committee is to gather, preserve and organize historical data, records, books, literature, artifacts and other property related to the origin and development of the Evangelical Congregational Church and to stimulate and encourage historical research and appreciation.
  • Amendments to Journal Committee
    • The committee receives and prepares amendment proposals which will be presented to the National Ministry Team for consideration according to the amendment process set forth in the Discipline.
  • Social Response and Action Committee
    • ​This committee will resource pastors and lay leaders to recognize and respond to “cultural crises” with Christ-like concern and action and will network our denomination with para-church ministries that are effectively responding to these “cultural crises.”
  • Prayer Mobilization Team
    • ​The Prayer Mobilization Team develops the corporate prayer life of the Evangelical Congregational Church by: emphasizing worldwide, denominational and local church prayer movements, coordinating prayer initiatives and events, and providing training and resources.

Chair:  Bishop Rev. Randall L. Sizemore
717-866-7581 Email


  • The Bishop shall appoint the members who are to serve on the community. The National Conference may, by its rules, populate each community by assigning various groups, committees and entities into existing communities based on their assigned work and create new communities when practical.

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