The Chaplaincy Committee was established by the E.C. Church as part of the Leadership Commission to endorse chaplains and specialized counselors in ministry. The Chaplain committee members are primarily pastors who have served as chaplains or counselors in the past and are appointed by the Chairman, and approved by the Bishop. They serve to discuss relevant issues in chaplaincy, recommend policy, promote the chaplaincy within the denomination and serve to evaluate candidates for chaplaincy. The committee shall elect a chairperson, a vice-chair, and a secretary. The Ecclesiastical Endorsing Agent will always be a member of the committee, but may or may not necessarily be the chairperson.

Current Chaplaincy Committee Members:

Rev. Dr. Gary Carr, Endorsing Agent
Rev. Bob Bast, Vice-Chair
Rev. Dana Logan, Secretary
Rev. Bob Brown
Rev. Joel Copeland
Rev. Bob Gockley
Rev. Don Howell
Rev. Bill McEllroy
Rev. William Stoffel

All chaplains currently serving full- or part-time positions are welcome to attend.


Rev. Dr. Gary & Karen Carr
Rev. Dr. Gary & Karen Carr