1. To serve and support the denomination’s mission for ministerial leadership.
  2. To oversee and maintain an integrated process for credentialing.
  3. To deliver up-to-date resources and workshops that provide lifelong learning opportunities for our ministerial leadership.
  4. To oversee the administration of the credentialing process when needed.

The Community will: 

  1. Resource local churches and pastors for proper sponsoring of candidates.
  2. Direct the pastoral Assessment Center.
  3. Identify, recruit, train, and support Itinerants for the work of interviewing and screening candidates.
  4. Maintain the relationship between the denomination and the seminary programs.
  5. Coordinate the field training and coaching of candidates.
  6. Help to provide lifelong learning opportunities for active pastors.
  7. Provide resources for those involved with transitional ministry situations.

The Scope of the Community’s Agenda:

  • Pastoral Assessment Center
  • Board of Examiners
  • Seminary Relations (Church Partnership/Student Aid)
  • Pastoral Coaching & Personal Health
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Transitional Ministries

Chair:  Ministerial Development Associate – Rev. Matthew Hill
(717) 821-7381


  • The Bishop and the chairperson shall appoint the members who are to serve on the community. The National Conference may, by its rules, populate each community by assigning various groups, committees and entities into existing communities based on their assigned work and create new communities when practical.