How We Work….
In our local congregations the pastor is charged with supervising the work. Each congregation has its own governing body, an Official Board or Ministry Council, which gives direction to the entire church program. The board or council assigns much of its work to other local commissions and committees in matters of property, finance, education, evangelism, youth work and missions.

Our name, “Evangelical” expresses our desire to share our faith with others; and “Congregational” describes our form of government. Each congregation owns its property, determines its membership, manages its affairs and has the final prerogative in choosing its ecclesiastical affiliation.

Though we are congregational, we are not independent of one another. Our Bishop provides oversight, vision and direction, while our Associates give leadership to the Communities which are made up of gifted pastors and laity. These Communities implement the vision on the local church level focusing on Church Health, Global Ministry, Kingdom Extension and Ministerial Development. We enjoy a fellowship of local congregations strategically grouped in thirteen geographical districts and shepherded by a District Field Director. Together we form the National Conference of the Evangelical Congregational Church.

Where You Fit In….
To not give up meeting together is a command of Scripture. Furthermore, Jesus promises that where two or three are gathered together in His name, there He will be among them.

Why be a part of the church? Through the years believers have found strength and inspiration in gathering together for worship. The Christian needs three things to be fulfilled in his or her spiritual life: 1) instruction in God’s Word, 2) Christian fellowship and 3) the opportunity to become involved in meeting the needs of others. Church is both a place to give and a place to receive.

If you’re looking for these ingredients, join us in fellowship and worship. In addition to worship services, prayer meetings, and Christian education opportunities, you might want to become a part of one of our many discipleship programs, evangelistic outreach programs or social activities.

The CHURCH is PEOPLE. People who have a personal faith in Christ. People who love Him and want to serve Him. People who realize their need to grow in His grace. People just like YOU.

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