Ministry Beyond the Walls of the Church and the Local Community

Chaplaincy is an extension of the local church reaching into our diverse and multicultural society, providing spiritual care to people in places ordinary pastors can’t go; far from their local congregation – at sea, in the air, in the desert, in the jungle and in war zones, among others. It is real ministry where people live and work and play; where they celebrate and mourn. Chaplains perform the roles of pastor, teacher, evangelist, counselor and administrator, as they represent our denomination from inside the community of the individual agency – one of the military services, the’ Administration, or with other community health, police or fire organizations. They serve as advisors to the organization and its members on issues of religion, morals and morale. Chaplains are unique in that they share life with those whom they serve, working the same long hours, eating the same food, experiencing time away from family and home, and, at times, facing danger and death. It is very often ministry to the young and to the unchurched members of our society. This ministry has many rewards! The Chaplaincy Committee works in behalf of the National Conference and local E.C. Churches to facilitate the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus through the endorsement of Evangelical Congregational ministers to be chaplains in ministry to the various military services, the Veterans’ Administration, and other agencies such as nursing homes, prisons, police and fire departments. They also provide a connection to the larger church, a source of information and counsel, and administrative and moral support.

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