The Historical Society now known as the Heritage Committee of the Evangelical Congregational Church was officially organized in 1967 and immediately began establishing an Archives for the preservation of historical materials in its care.

The Archives is a repository of books, pictures, manuscripts, periodicals, and artifacts relating to the:

Evangelical Congregational Church
United Evangelical Church
Evangelical Association

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Archives Holdings
  • Books and Pamphlets: Includes histories, biographies, conference journals and hymnals of, by, or about the Evangelical Congregational Church and its predecessor denominations:
    • Evangelical Association (1800-1922)
    • United Evangelical Church (1894-1922)
  • Periodicals: Denominational magazines, yearbooks, and newsletters, including Der Christliche Botschafter (1835-1923), The Evangelical Messenger (1835-1922), The Evangelical (1891-1922), The United Evangelical (1921-1975), and The Evangelical-Messenger (1922-1946).
  • Local Church Files: For each congregation anniversary booklets, clippings, photos, newsletters, and bulletins as submitted.
  • Closed churches: Baptismal, marriage, funeral, organizational, and legal records of congregations no longer extant.
  • Denominational Records: Minutes, clippings, and publications of the E.C. Church and church-related bodies.
  • Clergy and Missionary Files: Photos, clippings, and some writings.
  • Personal Papers: Correspondence and other papers of bishops and some other clergy.
  • Photographs: Visual materials relating to the Evangelical Association, the United Evangelical Church, and Evangelical Congregational Church.
  • Audio & Videotapes: Recordings of sermons, lectures, and reminiscences of clergy and lay persons.
  • Artifacts: Commemorative and historical items, church furnishings, and apparel.
Archives Services
  • Research: Visitors are welcome to use the resources of the archives located in the E.C. Church Center under supervision for historical and genealogical research.
  • Accessions: The Archives actively solicits manuscripts, records, publications, and photos relating to its primary fields of interest.
  • Preservation: The facility provides a safe environment where irreplaceable historical materials are stored and handled according to modern archival principles.
Reference Staff are happy to answer limited historical and genealogical inquiries by mail, phone, fax, or email.
Hours by appointment:
E.C. Historical Society
E. C. Church Center
100 West Park Avenue
Myerstown, PA  17067
Phone: 717-866-7581