Bridgeville EC Church

Location: Narvon, Pennsylvania
Support Level: Full time
Parsonage: Yes
Sunday Morning Attendance: 55 to 60

Bridgeville EC Church is in Lancaster County at 5971 Division Highway in Narvon. Surrounded by farms and rural countryside yet close to Lancaster and other population centers, Narvon is home to many families. With the average age of around 40 years old and an average income of approximately $77,000, the community surrounding the church is younger and financially stable. Founded in 1824, the Bridgeville EC Church averages 55-60 in attendance on a Sunday morning. In their own words, Bridgeville EC is a group of people organized to effectively communicate the Gospel of Christ so that people of all ages may experience new life in Christ and grow in their trust, obedience, and faithfulness to God.

To inquire about this position, please contact the Stationing Committee at [email protected].