Evangelical Congregational Church

2021 National Conference Information

How do you handle stress? That’s something we’ve all been dealing with for the last year and, I’m afraid to say, we’ll continue to deal with as the pandemic and its effects continue.
According to a popular website, “Research shows that stress spills over into our relationships, causing a wide range of problems. When people are under a lot of stress, they become distracted, withdrawn and less affectionate.”
How does the stress you’ve been under effect your relationship with Jesus? Our National Conference theme is “Know Him Better, Love Him More.”
In the course of one day, Job lost everything that was precious to him. In the overwhelming stress of loss, when everything was different and lost, and only God remained, the question was; was God enough?
All the stress we have been experiencing will do one of two things in our relationship with Jesus: it will cause us to withdraw and become less affectionate; or it will cause us to want to know Him better and love Him more. Join us as we gather together for times of worship, work, fellowship, and most importantly, to “Know Him Better and Love Him More.”

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