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Kingdom Extension Community
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  1. To communicate and encourage a kingdom mindset and strategy for extending the kingdom.
  2. To assess local church potential for extending the kingdom within their contexts.
  3. To deliver up-to-date resources and workshops that provide creative solutions for extending the kingdom.
  4. To assist local churches in adopting concepts that will ultimately extend the kingdom within their contexts.
  5. To facilitate discussions among pastors and church leaders in district cohorts about kingdom extension within our cultural setting.

The Community will:
  1. Discuss the latest kingdom extension concepts - stirring the team's thinking through reading books and exploring web-related resources together.
  2. Discuss opportunities and solutions for kingdom extension in our cultural settings.
  3. Discuss issues derived from district cohorts concerning kingdom extension.
  4. Explore together kingdom extension for congregations in our cultural setting.
  5. Focus a segment of the National Conference gathering to kingdom extension - providing a district or national level speaker as requested.

The Scope of the Community's Agenda:
  • Apostolic Training (recruitment, assessment, & coaching)
  • Local Church/Context Facilitation
  • Publicity & Partnering

Chair:  Kingdom Extension Associate - Rev. Leslie Cool
                    (717) 951-8433


     Rev. Leslie Cool, Associate & Chair Bishop Rev. Bruce Hill
     Rev. Ron Anderson Rev. Al Giles
     Rev. Matt Hill Rev. Carlos Kelly
     Mrs. Lynda Miller Rev. Adam Roberts
     Mrs. Michelle Roberts Rev. Tim Seiger
     Rev. Mike Snedeker Rev. BJ Whitaker
     Rev. Todd Wolfe   

National Conference 2018 Training Experience