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The Missionary Prayer Partners for 2017 are listed below.  Please submit your request by Clicking Here and you will receive an email from the Global Ministries office confirming your request.
  January February March  April  May June July August September October November December
Amberman, Randy & Chris   Palmyra               Mohnton    
Anderson, Ron & Brenda                        
Bowers, Chris & Deb
Dick, David & Celia     Knox, Grace   Youngstown           ​Bethlehem  
Dixon, Daniel               Pleasantville      
Farr, Jim & Joan                        
Farr, Jamie & Antia   Akron Grace                   Lititz
Graff, Kurt & Nancy       ​Mohnton     ​Bethlehem          
Grim, Beth                        
Haglund, Roy & Sue     Bethlehem     Knox Grace            
Hershey, David & Emily                        
Moury, Dan & Melinda                        
Roof, David & Conce Reich's                 Lititz    
Schaeffer, Robert & Bettina                        
Schubert, Ed & Val Knox Grace                      
Sears, Ken                 Knox Grace      
Smethers, Gloria                 ​Youngtown      
Stahl, Jim & Janet                     Ashland  
Stoltzfus, Lamar & Janice           ​Lancaster, Faith  


Toy, Joe & Wendy       Akron Grace         Lititz Clarks Valley    
Wagner, Brian & Missy                   Boyertown    
Whitaker, BJ & Rachel           Boyertown            
Wills, Dan & MaryLynne   Boyertown                    
Wilson, Jonathan & Kathy       Ashland