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Defined by diversity…
Rich in history, landscape, culture, and tradition, Mexico is one of Latin America’s most diverse countries.  The land and the people of Mexico represent a colorful tapestry of uniqueness.  Labeled constitutionally as a “pluricultural” nation, the majority of the population is Mestizo (of mixed European and Indigenous decent.)   Though Spanish is the primary language in Mexico, there remain over 60 indigenous languages spoken, each of which is nationally recognized.   Historically, Catholicism has been an element that connects the many peoples and traditions of the Mexican culture.  With over 90% of the population declaring themselves to be Catholic, Mexico has the second largest population of Catholics in the world.
The Mexican economy has been bolstered over the past decades through oil and agricultural exports, growing industrialization, and a rapidly expanding tourism industry.  And although there has been a significant decrease in poverty rates in Mexico, income disparity remains a monumental problem in the country.  At least one quarter of the population is underemployed and those living in poverty have little or no opportunity for advancement. 
Touching Lives…
The E.C. Church of Mexico has grown to include 11 local congregations. Reaching out to help needy children birthed the E.C. work in Mexico.  Since 1960, El Retiro children’s home has been providing shelter, nutrition, education, and spiritual training for needy children in one of Mexico’s poorest communities.