Evangelical Congregational Church

Effective November 1, 2017
Rev. Jonathan Brown 
     To: Mount Culmen E.C. Church (part-time)
           Rev. Brown continues to serve Pequea EC Church (part-time)


Effective July 1, 2017
(unless otherwise noted)

Update 3/19/2017

William White (Effective 3/19/2017)
           From: Other Denomination
           To: Cottage Grove, Akron, OH

Updated 3/28/2017

Kenneth M. Schira
            From: Trinity, Berlinsville, PA
            To: Trinity, Berlinsville, PA/Emmanuel EC, Drehersville, PA

Updated 4/22/2017

Kenneth B. Ogden
              From: People's, East Weissport, PA
              To: Mohn's Memorial, Mohn's Hill, PA

Updated 6/2/2017

L. Donald Knier
              To: Trinity, Boyertown, Associate Pastor of Congregational Care

Updated 6/19/2017

Michael S. Coulson
                 To: People's, East Weissport, PA

Updated 6/21/2017

Brian D. Garner
                  To: Bethany, Pleasantville, PA

Updated 7/10/2017
Effective 7/16/2017

John S. Smith
                  To: Rexmont EC, Rexmont, PA

Updated 7/13/2017

Ray D. Hock

                  From: Other denomination
                  To: Faith EC, Harrisburg, PA