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Statement on Separated Families

How much evidence do we need to believe in the reality of sin in this fallen world? We see and experience brokenness every day. Since it is so pervasive in our culture and world the temptation is then to hope it goes away, or to simply ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist; at least in "my world." And yet it does exist and many people are forced to live with the pain, hurt, and scars.

If you have been paying any attention to our national news you know that our country's immigration policies are broken and it appears that no one in our government, from the President to the Congress, wants to take either ownership for the brokenness or responsibility for fixing what clearly isn't working.

The Evangelical Immigration Table, a broad coalition of evangelical organizations and leaders, including the National Association of Evangelicals of which the Evangelical Congregational Church is a member, advocating for immigration reform consistent with biblical values. On June 1, 2018 the Evangelical Immigration Table wrote a letter addressing the concerns of evangelicals regarding the brokenness of our immigration system, particularly as it relates to the forced separation of parents and children. You can read the full text of the letter here:

The church is called to be salt and light, to not only share the Good News about Jesus but to be Good News in a world that has very little. The Bible tells us we are messengers of reconciliation. Join me in praying for our leaders in all branches and all levels of government to work together to meet this humanitarian need. And pray too for the parents and children who have been separated and are suffering the results of our world and country's deep brokenness.

Bishop Bruce Hill